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Acupuncture Madison, Wi - Matthew Wagner, Licensed Acupuncturist and HerbalistMatthew Wagner, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, has a wealth of experience, having studied and consulted with many highly regarded Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, both at home and abroad.  Matthew has experience treating all manner of illness, pain, and physical complaints, including, digestive; hormonal; neurological; sleep and stress issues; injury and muscle pain; and cold and flu.

In addition to his Traditional Chinese Medicine education and training, Matthew also spent three years in classical monastic training as a Zen Buddhist monk, and brings to his treatments a wealth of insight into the human condition, from contemplative and awareness meditation experience.

Matthew uses acupuncture, herbs, and Chinese medical Tui Na massage, to bring your body back into a state of vibrant health and balance.

He will create a personalized health plan for you, including dietary and lifestyle advice.  Together, we will get you on the road to your own best health, and give you the help and resources you need to keep you moving in the right direction.  Read Full Bio

Not All IBS is Stress Related - Effective Treatment in Madison WI

Posted by: Matthew Wagner - Sunday, March 09, 2014

IBS is one of those functional diseases that usually responds well, and quickly, to Acupuncture and Herbology.  The common TCM diagnosis usually involves a large degree of “Liver qi stagnation”, elements of digestive weakness, and pathological accumulation of phlegm-damp in the intestines.  This pattern holds true in probably 85% of IBS cases, and a practitioner who follows a basic IBS = liver qi stagnation approach will generally see a lot of success in the clinic.  This can seem miraculous for those 85%.  However, easy success discourages thorough diagnosis.  This can damage long-term wisdom and professional development, if the practitioner doesn’t know how to treat the remaining, to say nothing of how aggravating it is for those TCM patients who aren’t getting the results they want.  Those remaining 15% require a more complete diagnosis and nuanced understanding.  Read More

I came to Matt because I had chronic inflammation and infection in the colon. It made my legs feel heavy, burning, and achy. I felt tired all of the time, and felt like I had the flu. I was constantly gassy and bloated, and I didn't want to eat. Matthew pinpointed the foods (that I had been eating all of my life, because I thought they were healthy!) that were causing my inflammation and bowel problems. Now that I've changed my diet, I feel great, my inflammation is gone, and I haven't had any more infections, gas, or bloating!

K.B. - Madison, Wisconsin
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